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My whole life had been a non-stop binge of self-indulgence. Then he drew another bullet, which was a bit bigger and said we would need one that big if we wanted to shoot the deer.The trouble was it could kill a person two miles away.If you were struggling to play GTA 5 online this morning, don't worry, there wasn't a problem with your console or Wi-Fi connection.The service went offline at am EDT (am BST) for almost seven hours as its developers completed maintenance work In a tweet (pictured), developer Rockstar said: 'Grand Theft Auto Online will be undergoing maintenance this Wednesday, April 27 for approximately [five] hours.' It is rare for a developer to take a game offline for such a long period of time so long after the game's release The downtime affected all platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and 4, Windows PC and the Rockstar Social Club (pictured).There is an amazing cross-section of people in the village, from rehoused travellers to High Court judges.There is a cricket pitch at one end and a well-used football pitch at the other.Even over flat ground it was hard to handle, and it was full of unnecessary electro-gizmos that broke down if they got wet or muddy. The lawn was dotted with bright daisies and buttercups. Kingham was voted Britain’s Best Village by Country Life magazine!I was still admiring the optimistic modesty of the simple buttercup when I noticed a thin trail of translucent sludge coming up through the lawn. The judges were keen on the fact that Kingham had plenty of low-cost housing, as well as mansions and manors.

Some villages in the Cotswolds are among the prettiest places on Earth – hidden corners, which can feel more like exclusive islands in the South Pacific.

Home, since I’d left college, had been Covent Garden in London.

A one- bedroom flat when I was poor, and a house in the next street when Blur sold some records.

The younger was one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen.

Billionaires’ wives would have given everything to look like she did, but she worked all hours because she was saving up for cosmetic surgery.

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