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They choose inclusivity to ensure there are no misunderstandings.Once recommitted to their new agreements, the partners promise one another to honor those new guidelines and keep the relationship's faith intact. One or both partners in an intimate, exclusive relationship begin a sexual relationship with another person without their partner's knowledge or permission.That partner, excluded from the option to vote, may not initially notice that anything is wrong, but, over time, notices that something is amiss.They created and lived out this alter-ego which would not only be a radically different person from who they were in real life, but a role unlikely to ever occur in that time and space.Once signed up, they were to live this false identity in connection with other "acting" beings as if they were actually living in actual relationships with each other.

When these virtual relationships are discovered, the betrayed partner may feel heartbreak in a whole new way.

Internet web sites abound where partners who are seeking outside stimulation can participate in dramatic, often pseudo-authentic fantasies.

Those liaisons not only may never be discovered, but are without the constraints of time away, money spent, or fear of discovery.

Unfortunately, people do not live in individualized, discreet compartments.

They "bleed" over emotionally, spiritually, and often eventually, physically.

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